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ETU Media Releases

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AMPControl To Slash Up To 100 Hunter Valley Jobs

- Friday, May 24, 2013

AMPCONTROL, one of the Hunter Valley’s largest private electrical engineering and manufacturing companies is set to slash up to 100 jobs in the Hunter Valley despite offers of assistance from employees.

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) were told this week that the company will be making an announcement next Tuesday on jobs cuts with affected staff being told to pack their bags by Wednesday.

ETU Organiser Russell Wilson said that the unions went to the company with a plan to reduce the number of working days from five to four to assist the company but this was rejected by the company without consideration.

“We went to the company with an offer of assistance but management are more interested in making people redundant than working together to get through a tough period.” said Mr Wilson.

“The company will not tell us how many employees are going to be laid off but we have heard rumours that it could be as many as one hundred local jobs that disappear overnight.”

“Management would know by now exactly how many people are going to be affected but they are keeping it secret until next Tuesday and giving those dedicated employees that lose their job just twenty four hours to leave.”

“I think this is totally unacceptable, the company has a moral responsibility to its employees to at least give them a few weeks’ notice and to assist them in transitioning into alternative employment.”

AMWU Organiser Todd Nickle said that his members feel like they have an axe hanging over their head every day they turn up to work.

“These highly skilled workers have been turning up to work each day not knowing if they will have a job tomorrow,

“The company admits on their website that their success has only been made possible because of their loyal and dedicated workforce yet they make secret plans to sack up to one hundred people, it’s just a disgrace.” Mr Nickle said.

“We are calling on Geoff Lilliss and the board to reconsider the need to sack any workers and if they are going to sack people we are asking management to provide appropriate notice and to assistance people in the transition to new employment.” said Mr Nickle.