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Peter Moss - Tuesday, December 11, 2018
11 December 2018

Earlier this year certain sections of Ausgrid management attempted to instruct employees on procedures for notifying personal leave absences.
The instructions were that nothing other than a phone call would be accepted. Management’s stated reasons were that they wanted to know what is wrong with you, what medications you are on, what effects the medication has and what work you can do while you are off.
The ETU with the assistance of delegates found that this was a total invasion of privacy, totally unreasonable and against legislative requirements. Furthermore, electrical trades staff cannot be expected to define the effects of medications.
Ausgrid management continued to insist that a phone call was the only acceptable form of notification.
Delegate Jamie Baker escalated the dispute to the Fair Work Commission. On 26 October the Fair Work Commission heard the matter and agreed with the ETU.
The following has now been agreed as the policy for all Ausgrid employees notifying personal leave:
The preference of Ausgrid is that a phone call be made by an employee to their Supervisor/ Manager to notify personal leave, unless it is inconvenient to do so, in which case other means of notification will be accepted, such as a text message or email.
This was a great result for members. We know it is not always convenient to make a phone call due to many contributing factors depending on an individual worker’s circumstances.
The safety and well-being of our members is and will always be paramount for the ETU.

In unity

Mark Buttigieg
ETU organiser